About Ownest

About Ownest

At Ownest, we fit the mortgage to you, and not you to the mortgage. We have a unique business model and software system which allows flexibility, ease, speed and keeps money in your pocket.


How Do We Differ From Traditional Mortgage Brokers?

For us, helping you with your mortgage goes beyond the 9 to 5. We give you real information and choice when deciding which mortgage product is right for your lifestyle. We involve you throughout the entire process, update you every step of the way and give you full control over your decisions.

Beyond the transaction, we empower you by:

  • Tailoring your mortgage choices to you, and not you to the mortgages.
  • Reviewing your mortgage monthly and giving you the choice to update if there is a better fit for you.
  • Answering the tough questions and saving you from having to go from lender to lender to find the right choice.
  • Never putting our pay above your needs
  • Never pushing just one lender’s limited options.

We don’t take our client relationships lightly. We cherish the trust you put in us to guide you through the process. We don’t work for the lenders, we are a team of friendly financial experts here to work for you.


How We Empower You

At Ownest, our focus is to get to know who you are: your financial position today, your future goals and your wants and needs. We want to learn more about you and what your lifestyle is like so we can get a clear picture of what range of products will best suit your life, today and tomorrow.

You’ll choose from a selection of mortgage options tailored to your situation because everybody is different. You have specific wants and needs, and as your circumstances change, you grow older or your family grows in size, your wants and needs will change. We ensure that you’re always choosing the best fit for your lifestyle, no matter what.

You’ll be empowered with full control over your mortgage. We’ll give you choices as your life changes and evolves. We lay out all of your best options, explain them to you, and then let you make the choice that you believe best fits you and your lifestyle. At the end of the day, nobody knows you like you do.

We are different from individual brokers and banks because the Ownest engine runs 24/7 and we continue to run monthly checks to ensure you have the best financial fit possible throughout the lifecycle of your mortgage. We respect that the traditional lenders are people too, but it means that they are not always available when you need them.

2.36%5 Year Variable

75% of our clients consider this product a great fit. We find you a great rate with only a small possible payout penalty, and that increases your flexibility for the choice to change your mortgage down the road.

Ownest tailors the mortgage to you, not you to the mortgage. We find different terms and mortgages to suit your lifestyle. Click below to view other options.


See the Ownest difference. We aren’t like banks and brokers because we have your best interest at heart. Through our patented system, we’re able to give you the choice you deserve when selecting a lender for your mortgage. Watch this video and let us help you maximize your mortgage buying power.

  • I’ve been in real estate for over 15 years and have never experienced this level of professionalism before. I now recommend all my clients to Ownest.
    - Bob S.Realtor, Edmonton AB
  • Ownest sent us a mortgage proposal that showed all the mortgages we qualified for. After discussing the many options with us we chose a 4 year term and feel we got a great rate.
    - Robert and Claire P.Richmond Hill, ON
  • Thank goodness we found the friendly people at Ownest. They found us a new mortgage at a lower rate and a payment we can afford. We are truly thankful.
    - Gina G.Calgary, AB


We match you with the mortgage that suits your lifestyle, faster than our competitors can shop a single product.


Our technology scours all products and pricing to get you a yes now on the best deal for your mortgage. You pick only from the options you qualify for.


Backed by a team of financial experts, we’re always available to help you successfully cross the finish line to own your home. We make it simple. Ownestly!